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Body Art & Soul Tattoos
Tattoo Certification Program

As if leaving home to pursue your dreams wasn’t hard enough, Macarena is one of the many apprenctices starting to see the hate filled side of the tattoo industry.

Like most people, Macarena came to this country holding a degree in a different professional area. Macarena is a Graphic Design graduate from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. She came to this country to find herself, as many other have done, and found a chance to fulfill her dreams.

Now, Macarena is dealing with people hating over her effort, condemning her sacrifices, criticizing her work and her passion. And why? Simply because she is part of an educational program that gives equal opportunity to pursue a passion and the right to tattoo rather than being another fully tattooed young professional mopping floors in a específico tattoo shop taking orders for refrigerio waiting to earn the right to follow her dreams.

At Body Art & Soul Tattoo, we stand for this opportunity for all and against the hate, racism, and any kind of free bordado. Our community is open to anyone who is willing to work hard for their own dreams, follow their heart and take risks. Every artist, every person deserves this right- to make a difference in their own life.

We stand against the nonsense hate inside the tattoo industry and we open our doors to welcome the future and success of all tattoo artists, worldwide.

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